Are you looking for a way to improve the safety of your home, increase security, and add curb appeal? The answer is front entry lighting. The perks are numerous; the only hard part is deciding which fixture is right for your home. Luckily for you, our team at Indiana Lightscapes is here to help. We’ve used our expertise in this area to put together a list of tips for illuminating your front entryway so you can start reaping the benefits.

Front Entry Way

1. Educate Yourself

When adding any type of feature to your home, it’s an important first step to learn about your options. For example, there is a difference between adding lighting with fixtures and illuminating your space. While some choose to add fixtures, such as sconce or carriage lights, others will invest in reflective lighting that will reflect off the walls, plants, and landscaping of the home. Consider using reflective lighting to avoid the high glare around stairs and steps that lighting fixtures can cause.

2. Choose Your Fixtures

If you do choose fixtures over reflective lighting, there are a few variables to consider in selecting a fixture that provides the light you want and also fits with the aesthetics of your home.

  • Cost
  • Steps or Shrubbery- adequate lighting along paths, stairs, and shrubbery ensures the safety of your family and guests and the security of your home.
  • Maintenance- keep in mind that you’ll need to change the bulbs, clean the glass, and/or polish the metal, so be sure you’re able to easily reach the lights you choose.
  • Style of Your Home- the lighting fixture should complement the architectural style of your home. 

3. Decide How Much Light Is Enough

Winters in Indianapolis can be especially gloomy and, with the addition of slippery conditions, entryways can become downright dangerous. That’s why we believe in crafting a design that will create a beautiful display and shine much-needed light on your home, not just your front door. If you’re not sure how much light to add to your entryway, leave it to the professionals for optimal placement and accurate installation. Our dedicated team of designers, electricians, and installers will work together to illuminate your entry way.

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