As you gaze out onto your beautifully lit landscaping, do you feel like something isn’t quite right? Do you wish your bulbs were shining more brightly? Are you tired of replacing your bulbs so often? At Indiana Lightscapes, we understand your frustrations and we have the answer: it’s time to consider upgrading your halogen bulbs to bright and energy-conscious LED bulbs.

Upgrade to LED Lights

1. Energy-Efficient

It’s no secret that everyone loves saving money on their electric bills. Did you also know that LEDs require less energy because they draw less electricity than their fluorescent and halogen counterparts? In fact, because of their reduced energy consumption, LEDs emit less heat, which makes them a safer option because they are very unlikely to overheat.

2. Affordable

Until recently, LED lights were much more expensive than traditional bulbs, putting them beyond the price point of the average consumer. However, as LED technology has advanced, they are now closer to the cost of traditional bulbs. Additionally, the energy savings you will start to realize will make the slight increase in cost well worth the investment.

3. Environmentally Friendly

A big thing we love about LED bulbs is that they do not contain toxic mercury. This helps reduce toxic waste when bulbs are disposed. Also, because they last a very long time, you use fewer bulbs, which means less waste in the form of packaging, transportation, and disposal. Switch to LEDs and start lowering your carbon footprint!

4. Durable

LED lights last much longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs and, because they do not have filaments or glass bulbs, they are very durable. Additionally, LED lights require little to no maintenance which will also save you time and money down the road.

At Indiana Lightscapes, when we upgrade or retrofit your lighting to LED bulbs, our lighting experts will also make necessary changes to the internal components of the fixtures to accommodate for the LED bulbs. This creates a smooth transition. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today at (317) 758-7552 to brighten up your landscape with LED retrofits and start saving time and money!