Good lighting is essential to creating the atmosphere you want inside of your home. But have you ever thought about what lighting can do for your home’s exterior? The team at Indiana Lightscapes wants to highlight some of the benefits of outdoor lighting that most homeowners tend to overlook.

Outdoor Lighting

1. Makes Your Home More Beautiful

No matter how beautiful or majestic your home is during the day, when it’s dark, no one can see it. Adding a few strategically placed lights around your exterior and yard will instantly transform your home. Install outdoor lighting to accent the architecture of your home, and let your property stand out!

2. Deters Burglary

A dark house can be a target for burglary. Lighting up the access points to your home is a great way to deter unwanted guests. A well- lit landscape eliminates dark areas and shadows that can be used to conceal movement around your property. 

3. Property Value

Outdoor lighting is a fast and effective way to increase the profile and value of your home. If you’re selling, highlighting the beauty of your home during all hours of the day is a great way to appeal to potential buyers.

4. Safe Pathways

Allow guests who are unfamiliar with your property the ability to easily navigate your pathways. No more squinting in the dark to stay on stepping stones or sidewalks. Outdoor lighting is especially helpful for backyards or patios and areas that have elevation changes.

5. Accent Your Landscape

Lastly, highlight your landscape features with proper lighting. That custom water feature or outdoor art piece will go unnoticed without accented lighting to bring it to attention. Textures and natural features of your property suddenly become focal points of your home.

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