Enjoy Your Backyard All Summer Long

July 10, 2019 | Carmel

Do you find yourself racing to get outdoor activities done before dusk? Do you hate interrupting the kids’ outdoor play because it’s gotten too dark for them to stay outside? Ever wish there were more hours in the day to complete your outdoor chores? Stop wishing, and invest in the luxury of outdoor lighting with cost-effective, low-voltage installments from our team at Indiana Lightscapes. While we can’t create more daylight hours, we can give you more hours of light with a variety of outdoor lighting options. Let us illuminate your life with customized lighting specific to your outdoor needs.

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4 Reasons to Upgrade to LED Lighting

May 15, 2019 | Indianapolis

As you gaze out onto your beautifully lit landscaping, do you feel like something isn’t quite right? Do you wish your bulbs were shining more brightly? Are you tired of replacing your bulbs so often? At Indiana Lightscapes, we understand your frustrations and we have the answer: it’s time to consider upgrading your halogen bulbs to bright and energy-conscious LED bulbs.

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Top 4 Ideas for Landscape Lighting

March 25, 2019 | Indianapolis

As you take a look around the exterior of your house this spring, you may realize that something is missing. Good outdoor lighting is essential to creating a welcoming atmosphere outside of your home, yet it is often overlooked by homeowners. Our team at Indiana Lightscapes has put together a list of the top landscape lighting ideas to help you start envisioning what outdoor lighting could do for your home.

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Indiana Lightscapes Proudly Supports “You Are Beautiful”

November 30, 2018 | Indianapolis

As one of the premiere lighting solution providers in Indianapolis, Indiana Lightscapes is not only about offering quality lighting products for your outdoor home or business space. We are also proud to be part of an inspirational and meaningful project, You Are Beautiful, led by the non-profit arts collective, Department of Public Words. This group believes that when the phrase “you are beautiful” is spread throughout a city or community, it will spur positive conversation among the members of that community.

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Bring Light into Your Outdoor Life with LED Upgrades

March 17, 2018 | LED

Picking out a light bulb at your local hardware store can be a challenge. Contemporary light bulbs offer different lifespans, efficiencies, lumens, watts, shapes, sizes, and more! Sometimes it’s hard to know the latest scoop on lighting and what works for you, the environment, and your application. At Indiana Lightscapes, lighting is our specialty. As Indiana’s premier outdoor lighting specialists, we’ve got answers to your outdoor lighting questions and installation needs.

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Showcase Your Outdoor Efforts with Landscape and Architectural Lighting

January 17, 2018 | Carmel

You take pride in your outdoor landscaping. Hours of work are spent on the planting, weeding, and watering. Fortunately, outdoor landscaping provides instant gratification with immediate visual improvements based on your efforts. It’s important that your labor of love is on full display day and night. What better way to accent your landscape than with outdoor lighting? Indiana’s premier exterior lighting specialists at Indiana Lightscapes are installing the finishing touches in landscaping throughout Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, and surrounding Indianapolis areas.

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