As you take a look around the exterior of your house this spring, you may realize that something is missing. Good outdoor lighting is essential to creating a welcoming atmosphere outside of your home, yet it is often overlooked by homeowners. Our team at Indiana Lightscapes has put together a list of the top landscape lighting ideas to help you start envisioning what outdoor lighting could do for your home.

Landscape Lighting Ideas

1. Perimeter Lights

Use offset lights with a considerable distance between them along your walkways, which will lead the eye naturally down the path. You can install some mixed in with your plants, and others casting light directly onto the path. Keep in mind that there will be a fair amount of natural moonlight to guide your guests through your landscape so you only need an idea of the perimeter in order to navigate the area.

2. Mix and Match Styles

Using different styles of path lights in the same scheme can help you avoid a predictable look. Choose two or more different styles and use them to complement each other in your landscaping. However, be sure to clean the lamp surfaces and check for burned-out bulbs at least once a year, and relocate the stakes if plant growth has blocked their light output.

3. Use Lights to Add Texture

You may think that outdoor lighting is mostly for safety and practicality, however you can also use it to add interest to your space. You can add texture and color by placing lights near interesting plants to retain your garden’s charm after the sun sets.

4. Consider Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape lighting is a great solution for illuminating a patio space or walkway that may extend right up to a wall. When you incorporate hardscape lighting, you illuminate the existing structures of your home, such as patios, walls, or gazebos. The soft diffused glow from the hardscape light that is mounted onto one of these walls will softly broadcast its light out onto the pathway or patio space where a typical path light couldn’t be placed. This will make those hard surface areas much more accessible and enjoyable in the evening hours. If the wall stone is quite interesting, the hardscape light is a great way to highlight the unique qualities of the wall material.

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